This will give you the basic knowledge needed to solve online riddles.

First of all:

The whole idea in this online riddle, is to find a "password" or an answer, based on the facts from the current level. When you have the answer, you shall replace everything between the last / and .html in the adress bar.

So if the answer is solution, and you are currently on the adress above, the new adress would be:


Now To the hints:

Now, what do we have here.
There are basically four places to look for hints.

1) The title bar, tells you something, this is a HINT.

2) The picture it self (usually) gives you a HINT. Study it. Sometimes you need to use sofware to alter the picture. Picasa from google (link below) has the functions you need. And it is free.

3) The text on the website, gives you usable information too.

4) The source code.


1) Every line starting with "<!" is a comment. This is a HINT.

2) <img src="xxx.jpg"> This tag tell the webbrowser where to find the image. Look at the filename and see if this could be a HINT.